fted and was▓ able to say: ‘Narouz, I am● going to be married.I want you to tell Lei▓la for me.I don’t know why● but I feel sh

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    y about it.’ For a minut▓e Narouz felt himself turned t▓o ice — a figure in a coat of mail; he seeme●d to sway in his saddle as

  • 18gboy同志chinese

    with▓ a delight so forced and hollow that it made h▓is voice snap off short he crabbed out ▓the words: ‘To

  • 18gboy同志chinese

    Clea, Nessim To Clea’ fe●eling the blood come rushing back to his ▓ticking nerves when his brother ●shook his head and sta

  • 18gboy同志chinese

    red curio▓usly at him.‘No.Why To Arnauti’s e▓x-wife’ replied Nessim with a controll▓ed, a classical precis

  • 18gboy同志chinese

    ion of utterance.The▓y rode on with creaking saddles and Narouz, who● was now grinning to himself● with relie

  • 18gboy同志chinese

    f, cried ‘I am so happy, Nes●sim! At last! You will be happy a▓nd have children.’ But here Nessim’s mor●tal shyness overca

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shado o the sockets of the dunes.The y made goo▓d time to the Quasur e
l Atash.Na by the Chief’s so ns, and he rod e at ease n●ow, occ asionally singin
g a stav of a s▓ong.Darkn ess fell as th ey rea▓ched the Cas tles of the Thir
sty an ng said good-bye to their hosts se t of▓f once more ac ross the desert.

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駆d — and what little evidence they have points▓ to Magzub (the Inspired One); ▓there was a festival in the town that evening an▓d he was there.He has been several tim●es accused of kidnapping children but the▓ case has always been dropped for lack o●

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f evidence.’ Narouz pricked up his ears and▓ bristled like a wolf.‘You mean the hypnotist▓’ Nessim said thoughtfully: ‘I have sent▓ to offer him a large sum of● money — very large indeed —▓ for what I want to know.Do you see’ Na●rouz shook his h

They rode slow●ly at

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  • ead doubtfully

    and● picked at his short beard.‘He is the on▓e who is mad’ he said.‘He used to c▓ome to St Damiana every ye

  • ar.But str

    ang▓e-mad.Zein-el-Abdin.He is holy too.’ ●‘That is the one’ said Nessim; and a▓s if struck by an afterthough

  • t Narouz rei

    ned bot●h horses and embraced him, uttering● the conventional congratulations in the fam●ily tongue.Nessim smil

  • ed and said:●

    ‘You will tell Leila Please, my brother.’  癞Of course.’ ‘After I have gone’ ‘Of cou▓rse.’ With the rele

  • ase of this

    tension ▓and Narouz’ ready compliance Nessim sudden●ly felt a load lifted from his mind.And corres▓pondingly h

  • e su

    ddenly felt very tired and on t▓he point of sleep.They travelled▓ briskly but without haste and it was tow●ards

  • mid

    night when they came once more within ▓sight of the desert’s edge.Here the horses ●put up a startled hare and N

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made an atte▓mpt to ride it down with his whi▓p but he missed it in the half-●darkness.‘It is very good news’ he crie▓d on returning to Ness